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The Plastic Industry To & The Environment

But that’s not enough… creating recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable options is necessary to reduce the impact of plastic packaging. Our new green initiative does just that.

As a company, we’re taking a continuous effort to support sustainability— from our practices to our products.

As we approach the fourth industrial revolution, companies must take an extra step to ensure their products go beyond simply being effective and attractive. Customers are becoming more aware of the impact everyday products have on the environment, causing a growing demand for sustainable options.

The high demand for eco-friendly products also brought innovation and new packaging solutions. These new products allow quality and sustainability to go hand in hand.

Using plastic packaging has many benefits for our environment. It’s lightweight and flexible, extends the shelf life of products, and uses less energy than other packaging alternatives. This helps in reducing greenhouse emissions, food waste, and its weight and flexibility lowers the impact of shipping.