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Cheese and Meat Packaging

Superb Packaging develops and markets an extensive array of flexible barrier films and technologically advanced packaging solutions that optimize the shelf-life and presentation of chilled foods. Packaging into shrink bags is one of the most effective packaging solutions. It helps to achieve long shelf-life of the product as well as the nice shelf appearance. We use state of the art 9-layer coextrusion technology for the production of bags, which helps us to produce high quality product.

Shrink Bags:

Multilayer barrier shrink bags are suitable for a wide range of applications including fresh/frozen meats, cooked meats, cheeses and seafood. Our products boasts high barrier and shrink rate and can be overlapped during sealing for maximum operation efficiency.


High barrier for fresh meat


Abuse resistant for dried, cured or other hard products


Super puncture resistance for bone-in products without boneguard cloth


High shrink low barrier for frozen or cooked products


CO2 permeable shrink bags for cheese

Shrink Film:

Multilayer barrier shrink film is suitable for use on flowrapping, thermoforming, and lidding packaging solutions. Boasting superior clarity and good machinability, the films have good strength and high barrier ensuring excellent product presentation and long shelf life.


Overwrap film for flowwrapping operations


Shrink thermoforming top and bottom film for cook or fresh product


25um leading film for MAP applications(With antifog)

Cook Chill:

Our cook chill bags are 7 layers co-extruded film with PP with wide temperature tolerance and excellent barrier to protect flavoring. Suitable for a range of soups, chili, stews, sauces for the food service industry.

Cook Chill Bag

We do Up to 8 Color Printing with Flexo, Gravure or UV print. In addition, we offer high quality converting of shrink tubing into shrink bags. Available in Single or double curved, straight seal, Taped, Perforated, and V shaped.

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