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Stand-up pouches

Laminated pouches are a good choice for high-end packaging that stands out on the shelves.

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Meat and Cheese bags

Offering an array of technologically advanced packaging solutions that keeps shelf life and presentation of chilled foods.

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BOPP Poly Woven

We offer a wide variety of thicknesses and styles, as well as any type of surface printing.

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Retail Bags

We offer the perfect option for almost any retail purpose.

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Poly bags can be used for food, retail, and industrial products.

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Delivering on 20+ Years of Packaging.

Great packaging can have a significant impact on your product sales. When your bottom line is on the line, count on Superb Packaging Inc. for the most innovative, highest quality and most attractive packaging solutions. Working with Superb Packaging Inc. you get the 20+ years of insight and packaging experience to the table.

~Abe Rosenfeld