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Welcome To Superb Packaging, Inc. 

Superb Packaging, Inc. is a New York-based flexible packaging supplier for customers spanning a broad range of industries, including retail, food service, Industrial and hospitality. We’re experts at every aspect of providing high-quality packaging, from design and international sourcing to quality assurance and logistics. When you work with Superb, you get the whole package.

Our customers benefit from the Superb management team’s many years of experience in the packaging industry, including hands-on operation of several overseas manufacturing plants supplying major North American customers.

By offering the most eye-catching, innovative, and competitively priced solutions in contemporary packaging, we help our customers show their products to their best advantage.


Every order place with Superb is a custom order. We work with you to meet your needs and specifications exactly, and our team helps to develop style, and material options to produce just the right physical features and presentation for you. We can produce just about any type of plastic bag, and we ensure superior print quality on all of our packaging products with rotogravure and flexographic printing technologies.


Our international sourcing is second to none. We work with the best ISO-certified flexible packaging factories around the world and often invest in special machinery and parts to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of fabrication. Because we have longstanding relationships with numerous reliable suppliers, we’re able to obtain the best possible prices from the most suitable supplier for each order.

Quality Control

When you buy from us, we guarantee quality. We can do this because we're involved in every step of the design and manufacturing process. In fact, you'll rarely find our CEO in the office because he's always jetting around the world to inspect production quality at our partner factories. Each of them has a QC system in place that we enforce.


We handle all international and domestic logistics for every order, no matter how large or small. We’ll ensure that your packaging gets from the plant to your location safely and cost-effectively. We also offer stocking programs for our U.S. and Canadian customers. There's nothing worse than running out of packaging when you need to sell a product, so our programs are designed to make restocking easy and affordable.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our integrity, the personal attention we give our customers, and our honest approach to business practices. We’re always available to address questions and concerns, and when you work with us, your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Delivering on 20+ Years of Packaging.

Great packaging can have a significant impact on your product sales. When your bottom line is on the line, count on Superb Packaging Inc. for the most innovative, highest quality and most attractive packaging solutions. Working with Superb Packaging Inc. you get the 20+ years of insight and packaging experience to the table.

~Abe Rosenfeld

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